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The Gothic Romantic Anachronism

Transcending the confinements of materiality...

26 June
A random, quirky, amusing, lonely, passionate, romantic person that makes people wonder where in the world she came from considering her father is a very conservative republican and her mother a devoted and manipulated 50's housewife. She's not what you would call "normal," but what's "normal" anyway? She's just herself: Joanne. Doesn't think of herself in terms of labels and thinks of others only as labels who define themselves through them, which is fairly common throughout society.


You are a Mermaid, who sits on a rock in
the sea, looking and watching all humanity with
curiosity in your eyes. You have a two-sided
personality! On one hand, you revel in your
freedom and often prefer to live in your own
private dreams.

On the other hand, humanity
intrigues you and you love watching on. You are
actually very kind at heart, hating to see
people hurt and despise injustice! You probably
have one or two special friends, who mean the
world to you!

Also; you are probably quite
political, wanting to see justice done in the

You are quite the dreamer, needing
freedom and personal space to dream your little
dreams. You love to escape into a book or some
good music and just drift away.

Some of your
good points are that you are sensitive,
compassionate and a freethinker. Your bad
points are that you may come across as cool and
aloof to others and probably have a tendency to

You are the ultimate dreamer with
a kind, but troubled heart!

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